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About Vol. 1
Subsequent to recording there were a number of tracks that could not be squeezed onto CD Vol. 1. These tracks comprised of several different numbers as well as some different versions of tracks on Vol. 1 and a couple of out-takes which it was thought were worth keeping, hence the listing Vol. 1. Dick.

In the car, in the bar, on the beach, in the bed. Good time music for good time people – a true love story.  Do it NOW.

Vol. 1 Vol. 1½
1. Flip Flop and Fly


Geraint Watkins (Piano & Vocals) 1. Fine and Healthy Thing (Emerson) Jamie Rowan (Piano & Vocals)
2. In the Dark


Steve Waller (Guitar & Vocals) 2. Softly Softly #1 (Paul/Dudan/Roberts) Diana Wood (Vocals)
3. Don't Lie to Me


Geraint Watkins (Piano & Vocals) 3. One Step at a Time (C Chenier) Diz Watson (Piano & Vocals)
4. Oh What a Price #1


Geraint Watkins (Piano & Vocals) Plus Chemist 4. He'll Have to Go (J Allison) Ian Ellis (Bass & Vocals)
5. Softly Softly #2


Diana & Dick (Diana Wood) (Vocals) 5. Mother-in-Law Blues (C J Dupree) Diz Watson (Piano & Vocals)
6. Ain't no Love


Ian Ellis & Diana Wood (Vocals) 6. Fool for You (Ray Charles) Limmie (Vocals)
7. Put the Blame on Me

(Original - Ellis*)

Ian Ellis (Vocals) Plus Chemist & Diana 7. Oh What a Price (Domino/Maddux/Jessup) Geraint Watkins (Piano & Vocals)
8. Something on Your Mind


Diz Watson (Piano & Vocals) 8. Knife in my Back (Original - Sutton*) Roger Sutton (Bass & Vocals)
9. Heart to Heart

(Original - Watkins*)

Geraint Watkins (Piano & Vocals) 9. Unscheduled Moment/Walking in the sun/Outro (Lamont) Steve Waller et al
10. Ain't Nobody's Business


Geraint Watkins (Piano & Vocals)
11. Bring it on Home


Steve Waller (Guitar & Vocals)
12. Love Letters


Diz Watson (Piano & Vocals)      
13. Who Will Your Next Fool Be


Geraint Watkins (Piano & Vocals)      
14. Blues Bug

(Original - Roche*)

Jamie Rowan (Piano & Vocals)      
15. It Hurts Me Too


Stevie Smith (Harmonica & Vocals)      
16. Can't Get the Stuff

(Tampa Red)

Jamie Rowan (Vocals) with The Night Nurses      
17. Southside Skank - Outro

(Southside United)

Instrumental + Dick's 'Final Word'      

*Copyright Control


Congas & Toasting

Len Davies

Bass Guitar

John Eldred


Ian Ellis

Bass & Vocals

Malcolm Hine

Slide Guitar

Brendan Hoban


Matt Irvine

Bass Guitar

Dick Lovejoy

Drums & Voice-overs

Andy Macdonald

Baritone Sax

Lou Martin

Hammond Organ

Frank Mead

Alto Sax

John Newey


Nick Payn

Tenor & Alto Sax

Nick Pentelow

Tenor Sax

Jimmy Roche


Jamie Rowan

Piano & Vocals

Stevie Smith

Harmonica & Vocals

Roger Sutton

Bass Guitar

Pete Thomas

Tenor Sax

Steve Waller

Guitar & Vocals

Geraint Watkins

Piano & Vocals

Diz Watson

Piano & Vocals

Diana Wood



Produced by


Barry Durdant-Hollamby


Directed by


Dick Lovejoy


Tape Master


Steve North


Secondline Check


Ashley Paul


Recorded at


The Vineyard, London South


Digital Transfers


Brian Miller/Neil Turner


Mastered at


Hiltongrove InternationalLondon/New York


Designed by


Malcolm Jagger/Steve Atkinson & Friends




Gordon 'Prince Komali' Petrie 'Respect'


PR Consultant


Chrissie Murray


Gaffer & Kentucky


Southside Trucking: Mick, Bob & Pete


Siren on track 6


Andymac Incidents


Happy Lady on track 11


Rikki (Yeah !)


TLC & Feelgood Factor


The Night Nurses